403 South Salisbury GQ Avenue
28146 Salisbury , NC



    Salisbury Scuba offers lots of specialties:

    Drysuit Diver

    Drift Diver

    Diver Propulsion Diver

    Deep Diver

    Boat Diver

    Altitude Diver

    Computer Nitrox

    Equipment Specialist

    Underwater Naturalist

    Underwater Navigator

    Night Diver


    Search & Recovery Diver

    Full Face Mask

    Digital Underwater Photographer

    Digital Underwater Videographer

    Wreck Diver

    Shore/Beach Diver

    Whale Shark Awareness Diver

    Manatee Experience

    Manatee Awareness Diver

    CPROX 1st aid AED

    Master Scuba Diver

    PLUS Many More!!!!!!!


    All specialties are only $150.00*


    E-learning included in price listed. Call for prerequisites.


    After open water, advanced open water, CPROX 1st AED, and rescue plus 50 dives, receive 5 of these specialties to earn your Master Scuba Diver, the highest non-professional diver.